FBS 6: GDC 12

Edmar, from GlobalGameServers (GGS) joins us again on FBS 6 to talk about the goings on at the 2012 version of the Game Developer’s Conference, this year held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco.

Edmar was there at GDC and shares with us the highlights of the summit:


We knew Free-to-Play was hot this year, but judging by all the sidebars, panels and aisle-chat at GDC, it’s on fire!

For example, Edmar tells us that the biggest booth at GDC was from Wargaming.net, makers of the F2P WoT. Gameindustrybiz.com quantifies some of Wargaming’s success in an article this month. Some of the surprises from that article include the fact that:

  • World of Tanks is “generating ‘double digit’ million dollar profits a month,” that quote is attributed to Wargaming’s CEO Victor Kislyi.
  • WoT has approximately 20 million registered users and about 30% of them actually paying for content in the game – if true, is an incredibly high conversion rate.
  • The game is huge in Europe (~85000 online) — and is massively popular in Russia, where they hit almost half-a-million online last month (no surprise given its Russian dev’s roots). The game in China is also big (~150,000 online). Relatively speaking, the game has not caught on in the same way here in North America (only ~25000 online).
  • Edmar tells us that Wargaming’s staff now is approaching 800 staff world-wide.

As everyone who reads this blog knows, Wargaming will be offering a new game very soon, called World of Warplanes. Kislyi was at GDC and recorded this interview:

F2P games at GDC

Here are some of the games that were being shown at GDC: