Ravaged Teaser Trailer

We received the following press release from 2Dawn’s Mitch Gross today about their up-coming shooter Ravaged:

Hi there!
There have been a lot of developments with Ravaged since the last update I sent out and we’ve had a lot of excitement over our Kickstarter campaign as well!
Check out our Teaser Trailer which gives a great sense of the over-the-top action and attitude of Ravaged!

Thanks to mentions by “TotalBiscuit” of CynicalBrit.com and our friends at Epic Games, we’ve seen a surge of support on Kickstarter and went from under 50% funded to well over 100% in a day! In fact, we’re currently at 150% (and rising).

Now that we’ve surpassed our original funding goal the question people are most asking us is “What next?”

We’ve posted the answer in an update to our Kickstarter campaign page (check out the link below) but basically, the more money people send us the more crazy stuff we’re going to add to the game! We’ve set our next funding goal at $50,000 and are hoping to add things to the game like additional amazing settings, vehicle chases with eighteen wheelers, over-size dump trucks as movable bases and more!


We’ve also gotten many requests for Mac and Linux support as well and if our funding keeps increasing, it isn’t out of the question.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign at the alias we set up http://2dawn.com/ks to see what the excitement is about!

Also, our Apocalypse Supply Contest has ended and we’ll be announcing the winner soon this week!

Whether you are new to Ravaged or been following us from the beginning, we’ve put togther the attached press kit with more information about the game and a series of images that we think give a good sense of the kind of characters, vehicles, levels and action you will see in the final game!

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