Reminiscing with Jock

Always great to hear from people we either inspired or entertained back in the hey-day of CoD. Here is an email from one of our listeners I just had to share.

Hey Jock

My name is Brady Hanson and I remember back when I was first getting into online gaming, you’re site was the site that taught me how to do pretty much everything. It also delivered some of the best pro tips and configurations for Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare that I could find on the internet. Not to mention you had some very good guides and tips of your own you have posted on there.

One of the fondest memories I have is when you demonstrated set nades to me in an online YouTube video. You sir, brought knowledge to me that I never knew existed within the Call of Duty 4 gaming scene. And with that knowledge I want you to know I went onto to participate in the Cyberamateur Athlete League for as long as they operated before shutting down operations.

I won numerous tournaments and league matches and actually placed high enough in my first season with my team to be invited into the CAL-IM (intermediate) which was a step down from where things got serious. The next season, we picked up major sponsors, website, voice comm servers and were playing against teams like Team Dynamic and Flawless Five. Eventually as CoD4 died out I would find myself always coming back to the game and I actually met up with some of my longtime mentors and idols like Crzg and cUbed… I even got to play a few show matches with them because at the time ESL-P was happening (electronic sports league premium).

Anyways, I wanted to touch basis with you and see how you were doing; maybe this is a chance to reminisce about the good old days. I recently found Joe “nabore” Amerosa on LinkedIN and requested to connect with him, couldn’t believe I found yet another one of my idols after such a long break from the competitive scene. I’ve yet to find prank` though; the only player that I had a man crush on and was determined to meet/play against or even chat to.

If you want to see what I’m up to here’s a run down

I’m helping manage an aboriginal music group from the east coast of Canada called City Natives – – I basically built their site and co-author everything on there.
I also run their merchandise shop for them – – where I got into a partnership with Spreadshirt to give us premium features.
And of course I have co-founded which is actually owned by Martin Haynes (the guy who sold Soulmate Technology to for $23 million USD :D)

Thanks and if you don’t get to reply or don’t feel like it, have a good life man!

Brady Hanson
Co-Founder and Head Operator
Lead Website Designer and Developper – Owner