Welcome to the BASHandSlash community.

My gaming name is Jock Yitch (that’s Yitch with a “Y”) and I am the owner and editor of BASHandSlash.com

Some of you might recall that I hosted BASH, an FPS gaming webcast that was wildly popular amongst two or three of you out there. Given that audio podcasts are to video gamers what the teletype is to ipod users…the cast did not do that well. Oh sure we had a few thousand users listening in every week, but I’m sure that was due to mistakenly thinking my cast was going to be talking about UNIX kernels and such.

Back in 2006, I started BASHandSlash as a place that like-minded people could talk about PC FPS gaming in an intelligent and friendly atmosphere. Some of you have enjoyed what we have built here and we feel very honored that you choose to come here and share your hobby.

If you need to tell me something privately, here is my email account. jockyitch@gmail.com

Happy gaming.