FBS Live Cast

Next Cast:  Jan 22, 2012, 9am EST.

Live streaming by Ustream

We have been talking PC FPS here at BASHandSlash since 2006. First there was the BASH podcast. Put to bed in early 2011, BASH was the product of an era, an era that ironically ended during a live recording of the program (BASH 123 episode). While BASH sleeps, a new era has begun and in its place, BASHandSlash.com will keep the voice of PC gamers heard through a new experiment: FBS (FPS on BASHandSlash)

FBS is a live FPS chat show. Along with me will be our regular co-hosts, Xiao from the BlackMonkeys.de and Jim from FPSAdmin.com. We will gather round a virtual e-table to talk about our fave hobby, PC FPS gaming.

FBS will be live on Ustream (tentatively at 9am EST one Sunday a month, though special events will deviate from that time) and will be available on demand on BASHandSlash.com’s YouTube channel and on iTunes.

After BASH shut down, I know that you all have told us that you yearn for the PC gamer’s voice to be heard again. Well, we heard you and the gaming world hears you. And the people who make these games will hear from all of us soon.